November 9, 2020 6:07 am

Floor covering available in Brisbane comes in many differing shapes, sizes and feels. Each type of flooring requires its own manner of maintenance that should be adhered to carefully and diligently. Here are some quick tips for Commercial floor maintenance for every type of floor covering available in Brisbane store PKF.


Vinyl flooring must be maintained sweeping and mopping daily if you wish to keep the vinyl sparkling clean. It’s important to note that detergents, abrasive cleaners and other products such as these should be avoided when maintaining vinyl flooring. The reason why this is important is because the products linger on the floor scratching the surface.


Similarly to Vinyl flooring there are certain products you should avoid when cleaning and maintaining carpet flooring. Commercial floors often suffer from a high amount of spillage due to high traffic and business. Stains may occur on carpets and you would think that stain removers available out shops are sufficient, well they are just not. They can cause permanent damage to the carpet and are ineffective. Instead make up a mixture of vinegar and water or just use water on its own which when heated will be sure to get rid of most stains.


For timber flooring it is important that any spills that find its way on the surface are dealt with promptly. When cleaning timber commercial floors make sure to not flood the surface as water can easily cause damage to wood flooring, finding its way into the flooring and eroding the surface over time. The most effective way of cleaning a spill is to soak up the water quickly and then use non-abrasive, soap free cleaner if required.


Rubber floors are usually placed in areas where running shoes and other outdoor shoes are likely to be worn, meaning lots of dirt and small debris will find its way on the commercial floors. For that reason, frequency of cleaning needs to be regular and a preemptive measure includes placing rugs at the entrances of the rooms with rubber flooring to get absorb some of the dirt or debris before it can find its way on the rubber flooring.

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