November 9, 2020 6:10 am

Tearing up and replacing the flooring in your commercial office or facility can be quite cumbersome. As a result, many business owners prefer to avoid replacing the floor until they can defer the activity no longer. The change in flooring might be essential for fixing a prolonged issue or problem. Alternatively, it might be vital for enhancing the aesthetical appeal of the facility. However, replacing the flooring of your office is not easy by any means. As such, business owners will often need to consider numerous aspects other than the type of flooring material that they wish to use in the facility.

Among other things, business owners will need to ascertain how their current flooring will affect the installation their future flooring. This question is vital because installing a floor will take some time. Thus, the longer the installation time, the longer your day-to-day operations will remain suspended. For instance, removing a carpet from the floor is easy. In contrast, removing tiles can be a time-consuming activity. Similarly, business owners will need to define the required pre-installation work meticulously. Poor planning could result in various unnecessary hassles subsequently. Lastly, business owners will need to ascertain whether they plan to revamp the walls and other elements of the office. This is important because you’ll likely want to paint the walls before you install commercial vinyl flooring in your office. Otherwise, your flooring could develop stains from the paint during the painting.

Not many business owners possess sufficient awareness of the complexities that surround purchasing and installing a new flooring. At PKF, we have come across several people who were unaware of the intricacies of replacing the flooring in their offices. Since 1976, we have specialised in supplying and installing a diverse range of commercial flooring. This expertise enabled us to help our clients make a smooth transition from their old flooring to the new one. In particular, we ensured that we kept business disruptions to a minimum. Naturally, this has earned us acclaim throughout the country for providing a hassle-free installation experience.

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to wow our clients on a consistent basis. We can provide flooring solutions throughout Australia from our offices in New South Wales and Queensland. Delivering quality products and providing superlative services is our forte. Our workers have years of experience in installing floors across a wide range of market segments. For instance, we have concluded several flooring installation projects successfully in the retail, commercial and hospitality sectors. We have experience in assisting with government contract installations and office fit-outs as well. It is worth mentioning that we are one of the founding members of the Floor Coverings Association of New South Wales. This attests to our formidable reputation in the industry.

We typically specialise in supplying vinyl, carpet, timber and rubber floors. In fact, we can give you an enviable range of options within each of these flooring materials. As such, you can expect to receive attractive floors that will not bust you budget. More importantly, the floors you obtain from us will serve you for many years to come. Unlike other flooring suppliers, we invest a considerable amount of time to understand your needs. This enables us to deliver a quality finish time and time again. So, the next time you want the best commercial flooring for your Brisbane office, think of us. To know more, call us at 02 9899 6688.

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